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During our college days we use to travel instantly without any pre planning. But I never had the experience when we didn't get the hotel room in of the city. I use to wonder are the hotel rooms are always vacant and if this is the case cost then people make hotels.

I was like most of Indian travelers in late nineties who will prefer staying with the relatives rather then booking a hotel room. Money spent on the hotel rooms was considered a waste expense. But, with the time everything has changed in India and people plan their vacations in advance and people stay in hotels even incase they are attending their relative's function/marriage in the same city.
Even after a decade my question was still looking for an answer that why people make hotels if rooms are always empty. I decided to check on the same with one of my friend who is working in of the luxury hotel in Hyderabad. He explained me the complete revenue collection model of these major Indian hotels and how do they make money.
I realized that these Indian luxury hotels have a he fixed expenses. I mean that even incase they have only half hotel rooms full they will still spent the same amount which they have all the rooms occupied by the guests. I asked my friend that if hotel rooms are empty then why you didn't put hotel room on sale like it happen in every industry like Garments, electronic etc. He has informed me that now they have got the platform ( where the hotel owners will be able to sell the vacant hotel rooms through bidding process. I was amazed hotel rooms can now be booked with bidding.
I went to the site of and understood the concept. It was absolutely and answer to question that "a vacant hotel room is a lost for ever". Being perishable inventory hotels rooms are better sold at any cost rather than keeping them vacant. This is what this site of is all about. Here hotel will put his vacant rooms on sale and consumer can decide how much they want to pay for these vacant hotel rooms. In a sense this is the hotel rooms inventory which is about to get perished in next two weeks (you can book hotel rooms only for next 14 days on site)
I really like the concept and decided that when ever I will plan my next trip will not book a hotel room but will bid for the hotel rooms on and avail a offer with is 60% less than hotel's own rate.